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The Modern Day MC


The evolution of civilization has been defined by ‘ages’; the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Industrial Age, are some that spring immediately to mind. So, how will the current age be defined? Maybe, history will remember this time, as the Technological Age, the Communication Age, or  - the ‘Multi’ Age? 


We’ve seen corporations go multi-national, marketing go multi-level, communities become multi-cultural and information disseminated via multi-media - and we, regardless of how we make a living, have all had to adapt to the expectation and necessitation to be multi-taskers. It’s no different for me, as a conference emcee (MC).


Fortunately, as an MC, TV host/presenter, actor, producer, singer, songwriter, published author, humour columnist, TV scriptwriter, film screenplay writer and long-term elected politician (well, nobody’s perfect), it doesn’t concern me that long gone are the days when an MC was merely expected to introduce the next speaker.


Let’s face it, if all an MC does, is verbally deliver information that could otherwise be read in the conference programme guide (should you be of a mind to read it) , then the client is clearly being short-changed. Basically, if you’re paying good bucks - you expect a good bang (for want of better terminology). Hopefully, you get what I’m trying to say, as any misinterpretation of the above colloquial phrase would unjustly malign the literary intentions of the writer.  


So, yes, as an MC/entertainer, I’m used to multi-tasking — in prose and in ‘verse’ (the latter, often requested, due to the humourist, writer and songwriter facets of my armoury).


So, below, is a lyrical summary of the modern day ‘Conference MC’.


As a 21st century Conference MC,

I will be who you need me to be,

The introducer of speakers and guests –

The serious type, and someone who jests.

A writer, a singer, a fun storyteller — 

Arranger, engager and all-round nice fella’.

A host who fits your gig like a glove —

Who goes with the flow and isn’t above —

Conveying the mundane ‘housekeeping’ news —  

In pointing out fire escapes and the loos,

Someone, on whom you rely and depend —

To keep things on time, from start ‘til the end.

A seasoned performer who’ll help you stress less,

And make your event a roaring success.



Bob La Castra © 2015

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