The Writer


As a successful, published children’s author, (Inside Outback Down Under) Bob was approached to develop and write a pilot episode and subsequent episodes of the first and second series, of the international preschool sensation 'Bananas in Pyjamas', which has been sold to more than 100  countries.


Bob’s more recent ventures as a writer, have seen him move away from the children’s genre and complete two suspense drama movie screenplays, the first of which - Board Games, was progressed in partnership with Screen Queensland (Australia), which provided script development funding. Bob has also written and produced a pilot episode of his sitcom – Second Childhood, which was directed by Geoff Portmann - Mother & Son (ABC TV).



Comedy comes naturally to Bob, who in addition to his published and television works, even had his own year long, syndicated, weekly newspaper humour column, which covered personal experiences and observational topics, as well as subject matters featuring in the domestic and international news arenas.


To read excerpts of Bob's newspaper column, click here.



Bob La Castra